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We realize that there is no one size that can fit all! We work with each individual student to understand their strengths & weaknesses to create a custom Bootcamp experience

Our personal coaching sessions are truly geared towards helping students with all their needs. We give more personal mentorship than any other Coding Bootcamp.

Our coding bootcamps are divided into 3 easy modules, which makes it easy for our prospective students in terms of their time and money commitments

100%  Job Guaranteed within six months after successful completion

Our Bootcamp prices are at least 25 to 30% lower than most of the Coding Bootcamps

We are happy to support our students even after their graduation!

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After working for almost 20 years in the field of software development, Parag founded Deep Dive Learning Academy. His goal is to empower others to achieve their career goals. Parag is also a passionate mentor with expertise in Full-Stack Development. When he is not working, Parag likes to play chess and travel.

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John Creps

John Creps

John is a software developer with full-stack web development experience as well as experience in game development. His full-stack web developer experience includes Mongo/Express/React/Node as well as a sampling of other technologies including Ruby on Rails, SailsJS, C#, Java, Lua and Scheme. He has a background in machine learning, mathematics and computer science from his studies at the University of Minnesota.

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Mehade Hasan

Mehade Hasan

Full Stack Web Developer working for 12+ years with Microsoft and MERN Stack. Worked on complex solutions ex. ERP, CRM, HRM, LMS, E-Commerce, Financial Sector, and Healthcare. Also, worked on project management, team leading, application design, solution architect, and technical assessments. Besides doing tutoring/mentoring for 9+ years. Helped lots of students to achieve their goals.

Now offering Scholarships to College grads

More than 80% of our students receive job offers within the first 2 months of program completion. Our students have access to top-technical talent in recruiting as well as premier software industry professionals. Each student has a private mentor who will help them build their professional portfolio and prepare for technical and interpersonal aspects of job interviews. We also support students through mock interviews.

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