Deep Dive Versus Coding Bootcamps

How Do We Compare With Other Coding Bootcamps?


Most students burn out in other Coding Bootcamps because they are never tailored to their specific needs and there is no one to coach them every step of the way. With our innovative personal mentoring programs, we’re making a difference one student at a time!

Our Coding Bootcamp Other Coding Bootcamp
Flexibility Students meet their mentors and create their own schedules. Fixed schedules for lectures & not much of flexibility
Waiting Period There is no waiting period or aptitude exam required for enrollment. You can start at no cost and make the decision based on experience. The interview process is used to assess eligibility to simply enroll. Even after enrolling, it may take up to 2-3 weeks to get started.
Program Customization We develop customized program experiences to meet specific needs. No customization allowed before or after enrollment.
Personal Mentorship All of our programs are based exclusively on 1-on-1 mentorship, so each student receives personalized attention. There are no group lessons and you will have your personal mentor by your side, every step of the way. Classroom lectures or group sessions that are not adapted to the needs of individual students. Some bootcamps provide personal mentorship but it's very minimal and doesn't help much.
Number of Session Hours We provide between 60 to 80 hours of personal mentorship during the program. Numerous coding bootcamps do not provide personal mentorship. Even when some of them do, students receive not more than 15 to 20 hours of total mentorship, which is very insufficient.
Personalized Attention Our mentors have no more than 5 students, allowing them to entirely focus on the students to whom they are assigned. A group class may have 15-20 students, and students may not receive personalized attention.
Recruitment of Mentors Our mentors are chosen through a rigorous interview process and have at least 5 + years of experience. Mentors with less experience are hired. Often, recent bootcamp alumni are assigned as mentors.
Additional Mentorship Sessions Few students may require more mentoring sessions, thus we give these sessions at no additional cost. No additional mentorship is given.
Code Reviews Mentors cover code reviews and projects. No attention to the code reviews and code quality
Capstone Projects Students can choose their own project topics. Pre-defined projects are given to all students. They do not stretch students enough, to give them required confidence to pass the technical interviews.
Bootcamp Burnout Our mentors make sure to keep you motivated throughout the program. Due to lack of personal interaction with mentors. Students lose interest and drop out of the bootcamp due to burnout.
Support after Program We stay in touch after the program to assist you in developing a strong industry network. Students do not keep in touch with mentors because of a lack of personal rapport, forcing them to seek assistance elsewhere.