What our students say


Miguel (Miggy) Trinidad

Full Stack Engineer & Entrepreneur

In learning to become a full-stack developer, Deep dive’s program & mentorship helped me tremendously. During our daily check-ins my mentor was able to answer my questions and provide examples from his history in the industry to give me insight on how to solve certain problems. Deep Dive definitely helped me gain a better understanding of not only the topic at hand but how to approach problems in the future.


Benjamin Perkins

QA engineer

I found the virtual full-stack course content and mentorship really valuable. The content, quizzes, and hands-on exercises were engaging. My weekly check-in with my mentor is very useful for code reviews and best practice guidelines. My mentor helps troubleshooted any issues I run into. This was a great opportunity for me to advance my career. Deep Dive helped me realize my goals.


Michael Le-Reiver

Junior Web Developer at Solid Digital

I was very lucky to have a mentor during my time working through a Full Stack JavaScript Bootcamp program. I couldn’t have been as successful without Deep Dive’s presence, encouragement, patience, and support. Deep Dive provided me with not only technical and analytical tools to succeed as a Web Developer but helped me gain confidence and a healthy attitude towards the challenges one faces when learning difficult skills. I cannot thank Deep Dive enough for everything they provided and the knowledge they shared. I am really blessed.

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Jeff Connelly

Front End React Developer at Verizon

Deep dive Academy was instrumental in guiding my success. There were daily meetings where my mentor closed my learning gaps and we problem-solved how to best build my web apps. Most importantly, Deep Dive taught me how to think critically like a professional developer, and this wisdom on “learning how to learn” has helped me learn any new subject with more confidence and finesse. I can’t thank Deep Dive enough for their positive and professional program & mentorship while starting a new career.


Henry J.

I have been thinking about changing my career to software engineering for a long time. Last year I decided to join Deep dive Learning Academy and I honestly I don’t regret it, the teaching system and the projects helped me to learn and further understand multiple technologies to be able to make beautiful sites. It is just ideal for you to learn and there are always people available if you have questions. My mentor went above and beyond to make sure I stay on track. I also liked the flexibility where I could use extra time whenever needed. The job-support at the end of the course is unique, helping you to brand yourself and shine from other applicants. Definitely, the best way to start as a developer.


Adam W.

Mentorship Part is the most precious aspect of this course. Building a network in the field you aspire is the key to a successful career. I really enjoyed the self-paced factor where you could complete the course as fast as you could and even put a pause in case if you have any personal things to take care of. The material at the course was extremely useful and to the point. If you’re on the fence to take this course, don’t be so. You are going to have a lot of fun. Their prices are extremely low compared to the other bootcamps and the value you get out of it is unmatched!


Jason L.

My time with Deep Dive was really enjoyable. The bootcamp allows you to learn at your own pace. Communicating with a professional mentor every week allows the student to really get a standpoint of the course from the ‘forces on the ground.’ It also allows a student to ask questions and bridge the gap between gathering knowledge and placing it to start practicing. I received extra help for the topics in which I was struggling. I know other coding bootcamps will draw a line in terms of providing additional help. I was pleasantly surprised that to see Deep Dive mentors go a long way in order to help out! I had completed a challenging portfolio project by the end of the course and I was amazed to see how much I could actually achieve with the course. I recommend Deep Dive thoroughly.


Carli Samuels

I can’t say enough about Deep Dive! I have learned so much in just six months and already have received a couple of development and technical interviews. Everything about Deep Dive was top notch from pre-work to live 1:1 sessions and career advice. Deep Dive mentors genuinely care about your success and your ability to perform at the level necessary to get a job as a developer after graduation. Most importantly I learned how to learn new technologies and keep myself continuously updated in this ever-changing field. Great experience!


Chris J

I took Module 1 of their full stack development and really enjoyed the course, it was very affordable for me and my mentorship sessions were really great and helped me get beyond my challenges with basic programming.


George Edwards

I had 2 personal mentor sessions per week and overall, my mentor was available through slack on most of the days. I never had a problem getting help when stuck, even at 10 pm. The pace does pick up relatively quickly and it is extremely important to stay on top of the subject material if you do decide to invest in this course as all later weeks build on what you have previously learned. The working environment is very motivating. As for the material, I am quite happy with what they have chosen to fit in in only 28 weeks. The libraries, frameworks, and methodologies taught are all relevant current and I have seen demand for all in the active job market. I have solid confidence now when creating my own apps, frontend or backend, with JS and React and would like to thank all my coaches at Deep Dive for getting me started on this path to an excellent new skill, in an ever-increasing online world. I am currently working as a Junior Developer in a healthcare company and even now, I am being able to communicate with my mentor and get help from him at times!