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General Questions

Can I customize the program?

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Some students may need additional assistance from mentors. You can also customize your program. We will meet with you to understand your career goals, strengths & weaknesses to create a custom experience which leads you towards success. 

Do I get Personal Mentorship?

Yes, all our programs include personal mentorship. The number one reason our students like us is because we provide one-on-one mentoring rather than classroom lectures. Students learn at their own pace & because many students have difficulty learning in groups, we believe this method allows us to focus on each student’s individual needs. This way there is no burnout and no student is ever left behind. 

In each milestone, students learn through real-world projects and create their own web applications.

Do you offer Job Guarantee?

Yes, we do! Our job guarantee ensures that you’ll either land a new job within 8 months of completion of our program or you will receive a full refund of your tuition. Prior to enrollment, you’ll work with your Student Advisor to determine if you’re eligible. Meet us to know more or read terms and conditions .

Do you offer job assistance?

Absolutely! You get dedicated career help after completion. You will be introduced to a wide range of topics that you must understand in order to pass technical interviews. We’ll help you construct a solid portfolio and perform 1-on-1 mock interviews to boost your confidence for in-person technical interviews.

Do you offer any free courses before I join?

Yes! You can begin with free trial and start learning. You will learn from the actual curriculum so this serves as a ‘test-drive’ for you and it will help you to kick-start your journey into Web Development. 

I do not have any coding background. Will this program help me?

Our programs are intended for people with little or no prior knowledge of web development. We welcome students with no prior experience. Prior to admission, we’d like to have a non-technical conversation with you to understand and identify your career path and goals, and so we can deliver a customized solution to you.

In fact, we have a proven track record with students who have no prior experience with web development. Don’t just take our words for it, check out the testimonials by our students!

Is the program full-time or part-time?

Each student learn at their own pace and have different schedules & time commitments. Deep Dive’s programs are built with the flexibility in mind. You can complete it full time (14 weeks) or part time (22 weeks)

Do companies really hire students who completed this program?

Yes, don’t take just our word for it. Hear it from our students. Deep Dive places 97% of its graduates in high-paying Web Development jobs within just 2 months of graduation. Our grads work at companies like Google, Capgemini, Kayak, Mango, Magic Leap etc.

Can you provide me examples of former graduate's project work?

Yes, you can see our graduate portfolio section where our students have submitted their work. Check it out!

Can I speak with any current or former students about the program to know their experiences before enrolling?

There’s no reason why you can’t. Ask our student advisor for recommendations when you meet us. Our students would be delighted to talk about their personal journeys.

Can I take this course at my own pace or is there a fixed schedule? How flexible is it?

We recognize how important flexibility is to some of our students. You can absolutely progress at your own pace. To get the most out of this program, we recommend studying and practicing 15-20 hours each week. As this is 1:1 mentorship, you can pause the course up to 3 weeks for any of your personal reasons. You don’t have to take those 3 weeks together; you can have 3 separate pauses for 1 week each, if you like.

What if I fall behind in the class?

We support students who are struggling to keep up with extra help and 1:1 mentorship. We want you to succeed and will work hard to support & motivate you throughout the program. We don’t let our students lose hope so easily and we don’t stop working until we reach there!

Why our programs cost less despite providing double the value than other coding bootcamps in America?

There is a huge gap between job openings in Web Development and the talent available to take up those jobs. We receive grant from the Government for the great work we do for the communities and we pass it on to our hard working students. We believe this is the right-thing to do & also well aligns with our philosophy and mission statement!

How many students are there per class? Do you have a maximum?

So that’s what makes us different from others.

We know the difference a personal mentor can make, thus all our programs are 1-on-1. You will be assigned a personal mentor, and all of your sessions will be exclusively 1-on-1. Every student learns differently and our mentors ensure that they adapt to their learning style. Depending on the program you choose, you will meet with your mentor at least once/twice/thrice per week. Throughout the week, you can ask your mentors any questions you have via Slack (a chat platform) and they will respond as quickly as possible!

When the program starts, how busy will the instructors be? What if I have questions after the mentor sessions?

We ensure that our mentors do not have more than 5 students, allowing them to provide students better attention. Depending on the program, you will meet with your mentor at least once/twice/thrice per week. Throughout the week, you can ask your mentor any questions you have via Slack (a chat platform where all our students and mentors communicate) and they will respond as quickly as possible!

Will I get a good mentor who can understand me well?

When you join Deep Dive, you are assigned a personal mentor with tremendous experience in the field and who will focus on understanding your needs. However, if you are not happy, we will work with you to assign a different mentor for you. Our mentors are friendly and most of them stay engaged with their students even after graduation.

Are the mentors working professionals with other jobs, or are they completely dedicated to working with students?

There’s a mix in there. Majority of our Mentors hold top level technical positions at Fortune 500 companies and some of them are doing mentorship on a full time basis. However, all our Mentors have solid experience working for corporations and most of our students keep in touch with their mentor even after their graduation.

Do I need my Own Laptop?

Yes, you do. We don’t really care what Operating System you’re running, although we’d prefer if it was a Mac. 

We often run promotions where we provide a Brand New Laptop to the students who enroll into our upcoming 22-Week mentorship program! Book your free consultation today to find out more about it. 

What benefits our students receive after they complete the program?

Students will receive a Certificate from us after graduation, but most importantly, we work with each student individually to ensure that they are on their road to earning the job that they deserve! This includes preparing them through Mock Interviews, assisting them with Personal Branding, and connecting them with a strong Recruitment network.

Our alumni become part of a worldwide community whose members are invested in the success of one another. We also give them the tools they need to encourage lifelong learning and seek work they enjoy.

If students require more assistance with topics that were difficult for them, we will make every effort to assist them.

After enrolling, can I modify my program from full-time to part-time?

Yes, students may be able to modify the program (such as from full-time to part-time and so on) once during the entire length of the program, subject to the approval from the program manager.

Will I be working with Peers during the Program?

Yes, you will an opportunity to work on group projects, which will help you develop as a team player in the real world. Peer learning can help you overcome some typical hurdles to skill development and network with individuals with similar backgrounds.

Can I pay my tuition on a monthly basis?

Yes, you can pay for tuition on a monthly basis for as long as you need it. We do this to offer a flexibility and peace of mind to our students.

Do you offer any scholarships?

Yes! We do offer a range of scholarships. Our scholarship program is designed to lower the financial barriers for students of all backgrounds. Book your free consultation today to find out more about it. 

Admissions & Tuition

What is ‘TOP’ and How I will know if I am Eligible?

Deep Dive Learning Academy is recognized and approved institute for ‘Training Opportunities Program’ (TOP)! You may be eligible to collect additional Unemployment Benefits while you are getting job-ready with our result-oriented Personal Mentorship programs!
(* some state-specific restrictions may apply)
Book your free consultation today

What is the admissions process?

First, we would like to meet with you to discuss your career goals and help you choose the right program. We will work with you to determine the best suited Program and Tuition options for you. Book your free 1:1 consultation today to get started on that!

If you still have questions after meeting with us, you can start free trial and ‘test-drive’ us before you make your final decision.

How much is tuition and do you offer financing options for students?

Tuition starts at $1,897 and varies across programs depending upon your needs. 

Our programs are the most accessible, and we provide custom payment options, such as monthly payments and even ‘Pay After You Get A Job’.

What is your refund policy?

If you are not happy with our program, we will give you a 100% refund to you when you withdraw within the first week. Beyond that, we will work with you individually on a case by case to find out if we can do anything to help you out and ensure that you are satisfied.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions to know more details about this. 

What is ‘Pay After You Get A Job Program’?

Don’t let finance be the hurdle between you and your dream career! With our ‘Pay After You Get A Job’ program, you do not pay tuition until you land a job.

Deep Dive Learning Academy has teamed up with the Meritize platform* to offer our students a unique financing option. Meritize works with students, educators, and employers to help people excel in skills-based careers.

Schedule a no-obligation call with one of our super-friendly advisors to know more.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions to know more details about this. 

Am I eligible for ‘Pay After You Get A Job Program’?

We have created a simple quiz to determine your eligibility. Spend 60 seconds to check your eligibility. Take quiz now!

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