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John Creps

John is a software developer with 5+ years of full-stack web development and game development experience. His experience includes Mongo / Express / React / Node as well as a sampling of other technologies including Ruby on Rails, SailsJS, C#, Java, Lua and Scheme.

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Jonathan Root

Jonathan has 5+ years of experience as a web developer, instructor, mentor, and coach for a variety of reputable companies (Thinkful, Udacity, Masterschool, etc.). He is thrilled to be able to assist Deep Dive students in beginning their web development careers.

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Frank Chambergo

Frank is a skilled full-stack web developer with 4+ years of experience. He kicked off his career as a software engineer at GEICO. He is passionate about assisting beginners in launching their coding careers. He has mentored at bootcamps such as Fullstack Academy, 2U edX and W3Schools.

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- Xi Chen, Full Stack Developer at Folia Health
- Madison Kelly, Web Developer at FS-Curtis
- Miguel (Miggy) Trinidad, Full Stack Engineer & Entrepreneur at Bluecore
- Benjamin Perkins, Automation Developer at Advisor 360