Pay After You Get A Job

We have partnered with LEIF in order to offer Contingent Payment Plans . You only pay $500 as an enrollment fee to get started!

Land your dream job in tech!

  No IT background required to get started

  Personal mentoring to avoid getting stuck

  Guaranteed job in high-paying industry

  Remote working ability

  Try our innovative teaching method for free

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Go risk-free

With a CPP, you pay $0 for the program until you have graduated and are earning at least 40k or more.


Predictable, affordable repayments

When you earn above the Minimum Income Threshold, you will make fixed monthly payments through the Leif portal.


No hidden fees

What you owe is completely transparent from the beginning.

Application takes just 5 minutes, let’s start with eligibility

Learn the hottest & most in-demand skills

Part-Time (22 weeks)    or    Full-Time (14 weeks)Job Assistance & Learning Resources

Module 1: Web Development

Module 2: Full Stack using MERN

Getting ready for the job
HTML & CSS AdvancedNodeWriting resume & cover letter
Responsive DesignReactMock Technical Interviews
JavaScriptReduxSuccessful job-hunting strategies
JQueryDatabase BasicsCreate Portfolio
GitRestful APIExplore MongoDB
Agile methodologySQL Database (Postgres)Explore Data Structures & Algorithms
Capstone Project ICapstone Project IICapstone Project III (with peers)

Commonly Asked Questions

What is LEIF?

LEIF is our financial partner that provides funding and guidance to our students so that they may easily afford a great education and feel secure in their capacity to do so. To apply for your CPP, you will create an account on LEIF’s platform, review and sign your contract, and eventually report income and make payments.

How does Contingent Payment Plan (CPP) work?

After completing the program successfully, you will begin making payments once your income is at or above the Minimum Income Threshold. These payments will be made in a number of installments over a period of time that will be decided by the duration and type of the program.

How CPP is different than ISA?

In an ISA, you pay a percentage of your future monthly earnings, hence the payback amount varies based on your income, but in a CPP, you repay a fixed sum once you finish the program and begin earning.

What If I don't get a job or the job doesn't pay well?

You start paying when you earn more than the Minimum Income Threshold ($40,000), you will pay the fixed monthly installment amount through the Leif portal over a certain period of time. If you do not earn $40,000 or more, your CPP will be forgiven after 5 years even if you paid nothing.

When do I start paying back?

Once you complete the program, LEIF will work with you to verify your income. When you earn above the Minimum Income Threshold, you will make fixed monthly payments through the LEIF portal.

Monday to Friday
9:00am - 6:00pm EST

  I started with a free trial and am glad I chose Deep Dive. The 1:1 Mentor sessions are a major highlight of this program. It helped me throughout my journey. Apart from 1:1 session, monthly meetings with other mentors and peers gave me a lot of confidence and encouragement. Last but not least, because of the flexible hours, I was able to complete the program without becoming burned out.