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John Creps

John is a software developer with 5+ years of full-stack web development and game development experience. His experience includes Mongo / Express / React / Node as well as a sampling of other technologies including Ruby on Rails, SailsJS, C#, Java, Lua and Scheme.

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Jonathan Root

Jonathan has 5+ years of experience as a web developer, instructor, mentor, and coach for a variety of reputable companies (Thinkful, Udacity, Masterschool, etc.). He is thrilled to be able to assist Deep Dive students in beginning their web development careers.

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Mehade Hasan

Full Stack Web Developer working for 12+ years with Microsoft and MERN Stack. Worked on complex solutions ex. ERP, CRM, HRM, LMS, E-Commerce, Financial Sector, and Healthcare. Besides doing tutoring/mentoring for 9+ years. Helped lots of students to achieve their goals.

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"I started with a free trial and am glad I chose Deep Dive. This program's 1:1 Mentoring is the real star. Also, monthly meetings with other mentors and peers boosted my confidence and encouraged me. Lastly, the flexible hours allowed me to finish the program without burning out."

- Xi Chen, Full Stack Developer at Folia Health

"I had no prior experience in web development before I started this program. The one-on-one mentoring really sets this apart for me. My personal mentor (Mehade) made me feel really comfortable to ask any questions or guidance through the whole process."

- Madison Kelly, Web Developer at FS-Curtis

"In becoming a full-stack developer, Deep Dive’s personal mentorship helped me tremendously. My personal mentor was able to answer all my questions with examples of his experience in the industry. The insights were really helpful!"

- Miguel (Miggy) Trinidad, Full Stack Engineer & Entrepreneur at Bluecore

"I am really thankful to my Personal Mentor (John). I couldn’t have been as successful without his constant encouragement, patience, and support. My weekly check-in with my mentor was very useful for code reviews and feedback."

- Benjamin Perkins, Automation Developer at Advisor 360