Well Done On Taking The First Steps
Thank you for taking the time to learn a new skill,
95% of people would rather stay in their comfort zone

How would you like to become a fully-fledged coder who can earn up to $100,000+? Is your current job making you feel in rut?

✔️ Making big changes is REALLY intimidating

✔️ Most people just don’t know where to start if they want to change careers

✔️ Going to college full-time costs as much as a new house.

✔️ ​You have a family, mortgage, car payments, or tons of other commitments

✔️ Quitting your job right now isn’t an option as your benefits include healthcare, holidays, childcare, 401K etc

✔️ You just don’t have the capacity to work on something full-time.

New College Graduates Hang Out Around Computers at Work

Benjamin (Student at Deep Dive)

Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp

An online coding course created by people who live coding every day
This program is up-to-date, follows current trends, and gives you the latest tools and ideas so
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Get 1-on-1 coaching:

Have your challenges addressed quickly so you can achieve your coding education goals faster and WAY more efficiently than self-teaching

Student Feedback Is Key

100’s of people have used my system over the last 5 years
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