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Key Takeaways

By the end of this 3-Module program (28 Weeks), you will be able to:

  • Module 1: Build, test and develop professional web applications using HTML/CSS/JavaScript and Third party APIs.

  • Module 2: Develop client side as well as server side of complex Web applications using most popular JavaScript frameworks (React and NodeJS)

  • Module 3: You will get expertise in Algorithms, Data Structures & Databases (MySQL, MongoDB)

Launch Your Coding Career

Deep Dive’s coding bootcamps leverage vetted content from MIT experts to make learning accessible anytime, anywhere and solve this challenge for developing technical professionals.

Thanks to Deep Dive’s personal mentorship, many of our students have mastered the latest full-stack skills and have successfully placed with top organisations within 2 months of getting their certification

USD 108,676

The national average salary for a full stack developer in the United States


28.7 Million

The projected worldwide population of professional developers by 2024, an increase of 4.8 million from 2019



Ranking of the Full-stack engineer in the emerging jobs report from LinkedIn


Program Highlights


Flexible Schedule for 28-weeks


Top Rated Personal Mentorship


24/7 Slack Support


Job Assistance

High-impact personal mentorship that delivers!

FullStack Flex | 28 Weeks Bootcamp

Become a Full Stack Expert in 28 weeks. Unlock access to industry expert mentors to help you get hired at top firms.

Topics Covered:

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Responsive Design

  • JavaScript

  • JQuery

  • Git

  • Agile methodology

  • Wireframe design

  • API basics

  • Project I

  • React

  • Node

  • Database Basics

  • Restful API

  • Project II

  • Development

  • SQL Database

  • MongoDB

  • Data Structures

  • Algorithms

  • Project III

  • Job Assistance

What Our Students Say


Miguel (Miggy) Trinidad

Full Stack Engineer & Entrepreneur

In learning to become a full-stack developer, Deep dive’s program & mentorship helped me tremendously. During our daily check-ins, my mentor was able to answer my questions and provide examples from his history in the industry to give me insight on how to solve certain problems. Deep Dive definitely helped me gain a better understanding of not only the topic at hand but how to approach problems in the future.


Benjamin Perkins

QA engineer

I found the virtual full-stack course content and mentorship really valuable. The content, quizzes, and hands-on exercises were engaging. My weekly check-in with my mentor is very useful for code reviews and best practice guidelines. My mentor helps troubleshoot any issues I run into. This was a great opportunity for me to advance my career. Deep Dive helped me realize my goals.

Michael Le-Reiver

Junior Web Developer at Solid Digital

I was very lucky to have a mentor during my time working through a Full Stack JavaScript Bootcamp program. I couldn’t have been as successful without Deep Dive’s presence, encouragement, patience, and support. Deep Dive provided me with not only technical and analytical tools to succeed as a Web Developer but helped me gain confidence and a healthy attitude towards the challenges one faces when learning difficult skills. I cannot thank Deep Dive enough for everything they provided and the knowledge they shared. I am really blessed.

Jeff Connelly

Front End React Developer at Verizon

Deep dive Academy was instrumental in guiding my success. There were daily meetings where my mentor closed my learning gaps and we problem-solved how to best build my web apps. Most importantly, Deep Dive taught me how to think critically like a professional developer, and this wisdom on “learning how to learn” has helped me learn any new subject with more confidence and finesse. I can’t thank Deep Dive enough for their positive and professional program & mentorship while starting a new career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I Join Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp?

Our bootcamps provide intense, accelerated instruction complete with hands-on projects that let students design their own web apps, software programs, and digital tools. Furthermore, we help their graduates to find jobs in the relevant field of study, which is an extremely valuable bonus. Just FYI, The average salary for a Coding Bootcamp graduate is $65,328.

I do not have any coding background. Will this bootcamp help me?

Our Bootcamp is geared towards beginners with basic or no prior knowledge of Web Development. We warmly welcome students with no prior experience. Prior to admission, we’d like to have a non-technical conversation with you to understand and identify your career path and goals, and then we can move forward.

We even go one step ahead and offer FREE Basic Web Development Course so that our Students can hit the ground running! We have a proven track record with the Students who did not have any Web Development background. Book your free consultation today to find out more about it. 

You can also Email us at – Or Call at 774-21-0214.

Can I take this course at my own pace or is there a fixed schedule? How flexible is it?

Flexibility is the most important feature of our coding bootcamp. You can surely go at your own pace, however, to get the most out of this bootcamp, we strongly recommend you to keep 15-20 hours per week for the studies and practice. As this is entirely 1:1 mentorship, we will let you pause the course for up to 3 weeks for any of your personal reasons. You don’t have to take those 3 weeks together; you can have 3 separate pauses for 1 week each.

How many students are there per class? Do you have a maximum? how busy the instructors are bound to be once the course starts, in order to answer any questions that may come up along the way.

So that’s what makes our bootcamp different from others. You will be matched with your own personal mentor and all your sessions will be 1:1 sessions. Every one of our students learns differently and our mentors make sure that they adapt to their learning style. You will meet with your mentor at least twice a week. Over the week, you can ask any questions over Slack (a chat platform) any time during the week and your mentor/s will get back to you in a short time!

What if I fall behind in the class?

We support students who are falling behind or struggling with extra help and 1:1 mentorship to bring them back up to the speed. We want you to succeed and will work very hard to support you throughout the program. We don’t let our students lose hope so easily and we don’t stop working until we reach there!

Will I get a good mentor who can understand me well?

When you join Deep Dive, you are assigned a personal mentor with tremendous experience in the field and who will focus on understanding your needs. However, If you give us a valid and justified reason we will work with you to find a suitable mentor for you. Our mentors are friendly and most of them stay engaged with their students even after graduation.

Do you offer career support?

Absolutely! Career development support is offered to all Deep Dive students and alumni. As a current student or graduate, you will have the option to dedicate time out of your daily schedule to focus on career-related activities, either in person or remotely, such as 1:1 mentorship sessions, job-searching workshops, and networking events. Whether you need help to prepare for that first interview or negotiating for a lead role years later, all our students have access to our career support services.

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