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Is It The Right Time to Pay Tuition for a Bootcamp During COVID-19?

Blog >>Is It The Right Time to Pay Tuition for a Bootcamp During COVID-19?

You may have been one of the 22 million Americans who filed for unemployment benefits in the past 4 weeks and are struggling to think of investing in anything other than groceries. You may wonder if the economy will change so much, that the skills you learn in a bootcamp may not be valued and recognized. To address these hardships Deep Dive has made the following available to all students:


Deep Dive has made extra efforts to secure state-of-the-art income share agreement payment options. This means you can pay $0 upfront to start any Deep Dive course. We recommend this option because if there is economic instability and you cannot acquire a job after graduation, all tuition will be waved. To view all our payment options click here.


The demand for full-stack developers has risen sharply during COVID-19. Because most stores and in-person businesses are now shut down, almost all commerce must be conducted online. Full-stack developers, already in high demand before COVID-19, are realizing increasing salaries & numerous job openings due to the pandemic. The skills learned in a software bootcamp course are as relevant as ever. To see our full industry report click here


All Deep Dive Academy courses have been moved online in our virtual learning portal. Enjoy the same curriculum, mentorship & capstone projects from the convenience of your house 24/7. Easily accessible on smart phone, tablet, desktop & laptop computers. To view all our virtual courses click here.

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