How it works

How our programs work?

Check out a typical time-line for our Part Time programs

Begin here

Start At No Cost – Try out Free Mentor sessions to learn basics of Web development

End of Week 3

Choose the program that works best for you and enroll by making a payment

End of Week 10

Complete ‘Web Development’ along with a Capstone Project I

Break (Optional)

Give yourself a break that you deserve. It’s optional but highly recommended!

End of Week 22

Complete ‘Full Stack using MERN’ along with a Capstone Project II

Personal branding

Work with your Career Coach to furnish your Resume, Cover letter & Personal Profiles

Mock interviews & peer project

Take Mock Interviews to get some good practice for Technical Interviews and collaborate with peers on Project III

Apply for jobs

Start applying for Jobs while exploring advanced topics such as MongoDB, Data structures & Algorithms with mentor support