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1. Schedule in 1:1 Consultation

Firstly, we would like to meet with you to discuss your career goals and help you choose the right Bootcamp program.

2. Enroll & Get matched with your mentor

After you enrol, you’ll fill out an online profile detailing your availability and the skills you want to develop. We will use that to match you with your personal mentor.

Developer following scheme he has drawn when wring a code

Learn in-demand skills online—on your schedule

3. Best-in-class curriculums curated by MIT Engineers

Diverse perspectives create better learning experience. Our learning materials are curated by industry experts from the best sources, and are constantly updated to reflect new technologies and trends in web.

4. Test and learn through real-time projects

Apply your lessons to real-world scenarios through case studies, problem sets, and project-based assignments.

Work one-on-one with your mentor

5. Get invaluable feedback

On your weekly mentor call, you’ll review concepts and get project feedback. Your mentor will also help you with career planning, job search advice, and interview tips.

6. Stay on track

You and your mentor will set and review weekly learning goals to keep you moving forward and on track to complete your course.

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7. Showcase your final projects

With your mentor, put your finishing touches on your final course project, then present it to the world to show off the skills you’ve learned.

8. Graduate and earn your certificate

Your mentor will present you with a certificate of completion—the perfect finishing touch to display on your resume and LinkedIn profile.

What Our Students Say

Deepdive course report

Miguel (Miggy) Trinidad

Full Stack Engineer & Entrepreneur

In learning to become a full-stack developer, Deep dive’s program & mentorship helped me tremendously. During our daily check-ins, my mentor was able to answer my questions and provide examples from his history in the industry to give me insight on how to solve certain problems. Deep Dive definitely helped me gain a better understanding of not only the topic at hand but how to approach problems in the future.


Benjamin Perkins

QA engineer

I found the virtual full-stack course content and mentorship really valuable. The content, quizzes, and hands-on exercises were engaging. My weekly check-in with my mentor is very useful for code reviews and best practice guidelines. My mentor helps troubleshoot any issues I run into. This was a great opportunity for me to advance my career. Deep Dive helped me realize my goals.

Michael Le-Reiver

Junior Web Developer at Solid Digital

I was very lucky to have a mentor during my time working through a Full Stack JavaScript Bootcamp program. I couldn’t have been as successful without Deep Dive’s presence, encouragement, patience, and support. Deep Dive provided me with not only technical and analytical tools to succeed as a Web Developer but helped me gain confidence and a healthy attitude towards the challenges one faces when learning difficult skills. I cannot thank Deep Dive enough for everything they provided and the knowledge they shared. I am really blessed.

Jeff Connelly

Front End React Developer at Verizon

Deep dive Academy was instrumental in guiding my success. There were daily meetings where my mentor closed my learning gaps and we problem-solved how to best build my web apps. Most importantly, Deep Dive taught me how to think critically like a professional developer, and this wisdom on “learning how to learn” has helped me learn any new subject with more confidence and finesse. I can’t thank Deep Dive enough for their positive and professional program & mentorship while starting a new career.

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