Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Coding Bootcamp?

The average salary for a Coding Bootcamp graduate is $62,328. Our bootcamp provides unprecidented quality at the most affordable price to ensure all our graduates are considered at top firms. The return on our students investment is likely to be 10 fold or $50,000 just in the first year.

How do I ensure my spot for the Bootcamp?

In order to ensure all the students get the individual attention and the resources to succeed, our Bootcamp batch sizes are limited. After submitting your applications, you will be connected with an Instructor, who determines whether or not the course is a good fit for your career goals. After that, you will work with our co-ordinators to find out what finance plans work best for you and complete the registartion process to secure your spot! We will give you preparation materials and a simple Assignment to work on prior to the Bootcamp. We will provide you all the help and resources that you will need to complete the Assignment. This will help you hit the ground running!

What Payment methods do you accept?

Please refer to ‘START TODAY WITH $0 UPFRONT‘.

I'm an absolute beginner with zero experience or knowledge in the web development. Can I still Enroll for this Bootcamp?

Our Bootcamp is geared towards beginners with basic/no prior knowledge of Web Development. We give quality preparation material upon registartion to prepare for the basic topics prior to the actual Bootcamp. We even go one step ahead and offer FREE Basic Web Development Course so that our Students can hit the ground running! We have a proven track record with the Students who did not have Web Development background. Check here what they have to say about our Instructors!

What benefits do Students receive once they complete a course?

After graduation, students will receive a Certificate from us, but most importantly, we work with each student individually to make sure that they are on their way to earn a Job that they deserve! This includes preparing them using Mock Interviews, Working with them on their Personal Branding and connecting them with a strong Recruitment network.

Our alumni become part of a global community whose members are invested in one another’s success. We also provide the tools they need to foster lifelong learning and pursue work they love.

If in case students need additional assistance with the topics which were tough for students, we will make sure we provide that help to students!

Our graduates gain access to a suite of digital tools, development programs, passes and packages to premiere events, and more. They are also entitled to tuition discounts on future DeepDive Learning Academy courses, classes, and workshops (amounts vary by course). Additionally, our full-time Immersive graduates can showcase their skills on our Profiles platform to connect with a network of top employers.

Do you offer any free learning resources?

Yes! Get started with FREE course on ‘Fundamentals of web development’. It will help you to kickstart your journey into HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

We offer various Technical Events throughout the year (such as FullStack Development basics, Python, Databases, AngularJS, etc.)

Finally, you can dive even deeper with our Technical Resources, which cover topics including: how to get a job at a startup, a beginner’s guide to HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, NodeJS, ReactJS and more.

Do I need my own laptop?

Yes, you do. If you are doing the Web Development Bootcamp, we don’t really care what OS you’re running, although we’d prefer if it were a Mac. 

We are running a special offer where we are giving away Brand New MacBooks to first 5 Students who enroll into our upcoming 25-Week BootCamp! Book your free consultation today. Email at – info@DeepDiveEducation.com Or Call at 774-21-0214 today!

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

If for any reason, you are not happy with the Bootcamp, we will give you full refund if you are withdrawing within first 10 days of the Bootcamp.

We will work with you on case-by-case basis if you are caught in a situation where you can not continue. Our Bootcamps can also be attended virtually so it gives you some additional flexibility, if you are moving to different location.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details.


When should I apply & are there any special Promotions?

The sooner, the better. Because we have limited availability, our classes fill up quickly. Reducing class sizes helps us to maintain an excellent teacher-student ratio and ensures the highest quality of instruction.

Also, you’ll be asked to complete some pre-work before the course and the sooner you get started with that, the better prepared you’ll be for the start of the course.

As a special promotion, we will be giving brand new MacBooks to the first 5 students who enroll into our 25-Week Full stack Bootcamp, so you have more reasons to apply sooner now!

Do you offer any scholarships?

Yes! We offer scholarships based upon work experiences and career achievements. Please email us at info@DeepDiveEducation.com Or Call at – 774-214-0214 to know more about this.

Will I be able to create my own project after the bootcamp?

We firmly believe that real learning happens when you actually write the code! As a part of Bootcamp curriculum, you will be working on 4 to 5 real life Projects. By the time you graduate you will have solid hands-on experience in your resume, which you can proudly showcase!

What is Slack and how do I get invited?

Slack is a real-time chat system where you interact with Mentors and your community of peers. Check your email for an invite to Slack. If you haven’t received an invite, email us at info@DeepDiveEducation.com, and we’ll resend one ASAP.

What is your dismissal policy?

DeepDive Learning Academy may terminate your enrollment for any of, but not limited to, the following reasons: Failure to abide by any of the rules and regulations, failure to meet financial obligations, failure to attend class or participate in coursework for three consecutive weeks, or failure to return from a leave of absence. In case of dismissal, you will be charged for your tuition in pro-rated basis.