Deep Dive Versus Coding Bootcamps

How do we compare with Coding Bootcamps?

Deep Dive's Personal Mentorship Program Coding Bootcamps
Cost $249/Week (Total Cost – $6,997) $681+ / Week (Average cost – $14,997)
Length of time 28 weeks 22 weeks
Curriculum Latest & most in-demand Full Stack Technologies. Offers course content derived from the most relevant, innovative, and groundbreaking industry resources and professionals. Outdated Technologies and Curriculum. The course content is superficial. Students never get to learn the fundamentals.
Career Acceleration 93% of our students are hired within 3 months of graduation. Most students retain their job for over a year. Less than 50% of students get hired within 6 months of graduation. The average job retention rate is less than 6 months.
Personal attention 2 personal mentorship sessions per week. Extra sessions as and when needed at no extra cost to our students. 1 personal mentorship session per week. No additional sessions, even when students are struggling.
Support after Bootcamp is over Free support over Slack & Private Alumni Group. Extra mentor sessions can be purchased at a marginal cost. No support after Bootcamp is over.
Mentors Strong vetting process so only the most passionate, experienced, and industry-connected mentors are hired. Anyone can be a mentor- even those lacking proper experience. Most mentors just looking for a paycheck.
Culture Motivating culture where Deep Dive’s employees, alumni, mentors, and current students are energized and support each other. Students & staff burnt out. Little to no connection with alumni.
Free Trial 2 Week Free Trial provided so our students may make a well-informed decision about their Bootcamp. No Free Trials. Most students find that their expectations are not met once enrolled.
Finance options Diverse & affordable finance options including No-Interest Monthly Payments & ‘Pay After You’re Hired’ (* applies to US students only) Not many options for Financing. Some Bootcamps offer ISA and Stipends but make their terms ridiculously unfair that it ends up costing a lot more in the long run
Learning management system Modern and mobile-friendly learning management system, which presents a top-in-class learning experience. Slow & desktop only learning management system.
Assignments & Projects Challenging and impressive projects are assigned to students to create stand-out portfolios. Deep Dive reviews each and every line of code so that students are ready for real-world coding challenges. Simple problems and projects, which give students instant gratification, are the norm. These projects do not help solve real-world coding challenges nor are an asset in the hiring process.
Main Focus Deep Dive focuses on providing industry-connections, innovative curriculum, and expert mentorship to students, so they may become graduates who retain their jobs and have successful industry careers. The focus is on finishing the curriculum and providing students just enough knowledge to pass job interviews.

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