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Full stack developers are the masters of almost every layer of software development, handling both front-end and back-end technologies. They transform prototypes into a fully-functional products & services. They are extremely talented. Full stack developers are accountable for building the website software. They are well versed in different technologies. They solve glitches across several streams of app and web development. Full-stack developers have a good command over multiple programming languages and can work with different frameworks as and when required according to the desired output. This versatility of diverse coding skills is what makes full-stack developers so preferable.

Full-stack developers offer the perfect blend of front-end and back-end skills needed to create and manage an application. Whether it is laying out the foundational unit for a web application or handling the back-end server management or deploying frequent and better updates on the client-side, a full-stack developer can handle all the tasks without any hassle.

In the past, “developer” insinuated a professional programmer who created software applications from beginning to the end. However, with the rising complexity in the nature of applications, intense code with versatile functionality and the need for packing everything good in one application has made holistic software application development much more complex. As new technologies are introduced, so are numerous ready-made components and framework designed to simplify the process of software development. Developers have had to learn and adapt to a gamut of new technologies.

This gave rise to the boom of full-stack development.  Businesses these days understand the value of full-stack development. Firms are constantly seeking experienced and knowledgeable full stack professionals. For many companies, full-stack developers are an invaluable asset for their business.

Just one full-stack developer can do the work of 2-3 average developers; saving time and reducing cost. Full stack developers are always in selective demand. Companies are explicitly hiring full-stack developers, who can create apps from scratch, and actively participate throughout the development journey of the application.  There are a plethora of niche full stack development companies who possess skilled and experienced workforce in their domain.

Indeed recently reported that the job of a full-stack developer is the second best career in the world.

For aspirants who are planning to enter into the tech industry and land up a good job, the role of a full-stack developer might just be the ideal option for them. Considering there is a wide scope of opportunities for full-stack developers, professionals can work across several verticals, ranging from startups to giant tech organizations to public agencies and industries.

The Continued Demand for Full Stack Development

Future Growth of Full Stack

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates full stack development employment to increase from 135,000 to over 853,000 by the year 2024. As well, the IT industry is forecast to grow by 8.3 % annually.

The reason behind the growth of each industry depends on innovations introduced in the software development field. There is no static industry which can see such remarkable results. It is due to the hard labor of full-stack developers that we see breakthrough trends in this industry. This includes low code development, AI, language trends, IOT, block-chain technology, progressive web app, IT outsourcing & mixed reality.

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