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Becoming a Web Developer as a Veteran

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We thank veterans greatly for your service. Veterans enact loyalty, duty, regimen and teamwork.
Less than 1% of the US population serves in the military. It takes a dedicated and brave person to risk one’s life for our country.

In the US today, there are far too many veterans unable to reach career & education services. Deep Dive Education aims to change that.

Veterans returning home

When veterans return to civilian life, job prospects can be scarce to non-existent. Employers often view military skills as non-transferable. This leads many vets to falsely believe they are inadequate. In addition to this inadequacy, veterans also often find civilian work menial and almost depressing compared to the self-sacrificing work of military personnel.  Office and professional relationships can appear transient, held together with a paycheck. This can leave veterans feeling empty & alone.

At Deep Dive Academy we want to rewrite those beliefs for our veteran populations. In reality, veterans are polar opposite of unemployable: they make the most loyal, intelligent and creative team members.

As a thank you, Deep Dive is helping veterans return to civilian through employment opportunities. We provide a path to deriving meaning in veterans’ careers through financially lucrative and secure job positions at top US firms. We leverage veteran’s deep determination, resiliency and ambition and transform them into the greatest coders in the industry. And lastly, we incorporate the values of teamwork as our staff, mentors and industry experts work closely with veterans to guide them through curriculum and portfolio projects.

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