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Becoming a Web Developer as a New College Grad

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Congratulations Graduates!

Congratulations on your college degree! You’ve worked tirelessly through 8 exam periods & more than 24 courses to earn your Bachelor’s. For many years a college degree meant a sense of accomplishment as well as financial independence.

Difficulties Graduates Face

Today, many of us young adults feel disheartened by the poor salary prospects in our field of interest. This is especially disappointing given the large financial investment we make at university.

To compound our financial stresses, the transition from university to the workforce is difficult. We find many skills learnt in college are non-transferable to the real-world workplace. Crippling student debt forces us to opt for jobs which help pay bills, but for which we did not attend college. In addition, to meet our budget, most of us have to work multiple part-time and full-time  jobs. In summary there is a huge financial bubble with colleges where a college degree feels required in order to enter adulthood yet the salary benefits of a bachelors degree often do not outweigh the financial debts of the education.

How Deep Dive Academy Can Help

Is Software Coding Right For Me?

Deep Dive Academy is here to help graduates feel satisfied and become financially independent after college graduation. We realize the great achievement students have accomplished by graduating college and the economic gaps in place stopping us from realizing our adult ambitions. Deep Dive Academy is passionate about getting educated young adults set up in industries and positions in which they are able to pay off their student debt within 5 years of graduation and maintain an independent lifestyle.  We’ve chosen to focus on the technology sector as it is the fastest growing sector, allows for reliable work-from-home & continues to hire even during COVID-19. We help new graduates specialize in full stack development, or in layman’s terms, website development. Businesses of all industries need to have at least one full stack developer. Therefore students of all majors will be able to find work in their field of interest. Therefore students can remain in the line of work they are interested in.

Not all college graduates should become software developers. It takes an entrepreneurial spirit, deep ambition and dedication to have success as a full stack coder. Often there is no one right way to do things. These jobs require creativity and autonomy. Not everyone is cut out for the nuances & self-motivation software coding requires. And that is okay. However, highly educated individuals willing to work hard, initiate their own learning and collaborate with mentors and peers should excel as coders.

Is Graduate School a Better Option For Me?

In the past many students opted for graduate school to switch careers or increase salary. New graduates are faced with the difficult decision of going to graduate school and incurring more debt or riding out a semi-lucrative career while struggling to repay debt. At Deep Dive we thought this was unfair. But there were no other options for students. Until now.

What About DeepDive’s Competitors?

There are other “bootcamp” programs which offer online curriculum to learn software development. However, the founders of these programs come from the business sector, not the technology sector and put little effort into creating industry connections, mentorship and an alumnae association. Therefore many firms do not hire their graduates and if they do they lay them off quickly. Their graduates do not have the necessary skillset nor support of a technology community to provide impactful work.

Thankfully software developers saw the failures in these programs and decided to create a program of value, Deep Dive Academy. Today, Deep Dive Academy now has 90% of their graduates hired at top firms within 2 months of graduation. They also have 100% retention rate for alumnae at their companies.

Deep Dive Academy’s Suite of Services

Through our suite of courses, Deep Dive Academy helps us young adults become the best software coders in the world at top technology firms. Our curriculum focuses on the most in-demand & high-paid skills as well as expert career planning, mentorship & portfolio-building projects.

Want to Learn More?

We hope you are staying safe during COVID-19. It is not an easy time to be a college graduate, but we hope we can help you in any way we can. To connect with us email info@deepdiveeducation.com or follow us on facebook or instagram @deepdive_x_college

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