Our Easy Tuition Payment Options

Option 1: Six Monthly Payments with 0% Interest

Watch this quick video about how you can use PayPal Credit to pay your tuition in Six Monthly Payments with 0% interest.


Monthly Payments

Six Easy Payments With 0% Interest
Module 3 – Databases & Algorithms  $583 $333*

Option 2: Take advantage of Education Benefits from your Employer

Skillful employees are asset to any Company. Many employers provide Education benefits to their employees. If you happen to work for a company that provides Education benefits, we will be happy to work with your employer & provide you required documents to get your Tuition reimbursed.

Option 3: Pay Upfront & Take Additional Discount


Pay Upfront with Discount

Take additional ‘discount’ for a limited time*
Module 3 – Databases & Algorithms  $3,497 $1,997